My Regular Blogs and Podcasts

As a software development professional, I use blogs and podcasts to keep on top of what's going on in this technical world. Here are the ones I use most:


  1. .NET Rocks. Good source of mainstream Microsoft-related stuff; about an hour of content twice a week.
  2. Hanselminutes. Also .NET-oriented, but Scott's not afraid to vary from the Microsoft mainstream. About thirty minutes a week.
  3. Herding Code. This is generally .NET-oriented, but the four guys who host this one definitely look at alternatives. They'll definitely ask the tough questions and dive heavily into technical details. They put out a 60 to 75 minutes show roughly every couple weeks.
  4. Distributed Podcast. Relatively new one (eight episodes so far) with very technical talks about messaging, CQRS, NoSQL, Event Stores, etc.
  5. Marketplace Tech Report. Four minutes each weekday of what's new in tech; not programming-related, but almost always relevant.
  6. Talking Shop Down Under. An Australian host; I just listen sporadically to this one.
  7. This Developer's Life. A different sort of podcast that talks about aspects of a programmer's life that are not so technical in nature. I enjoy this one, but it's not one that will tell you about the latest whose-it and whats-it in the industry. It'll lead you to reflect in other ways about life as a programmer, and life in general.


My actual Google Reader list had 40-some blogs listed, but most of them put out content rarely. Here are the ones I follow most closely, roughly in order that I would prioritize them.

  1. Udi Dahan -
  2. Uncle Bob's Blog -
  3. Ayende @ Rahien -
  4. Jimmy Bogard's Blog -
  5. Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen -
  6. ScottGu's Blog
  7. CodeBetter.Com -
  8. {codesqueeze} - (Max has fallen off the radar since starting his own business – go figure :)

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