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  1. SQL Snapshot Notes

    Sometimes when testing you need to repetitively restore a database back to a certain point in time. For very large databases the regular SQL restore can take quite a while. It seemed to me that using snapshots instead of regular backups cut this restore down quite a bit.

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  2. Force a SQL Restore

    Really tired of having to google this and piece it together every time I want it, so I'm posting it here.

    alter database DbName
        set single_user
        with rollback immediate
    restore database DbName
        from disk = 'path/to/backup.bak'
        with file = 1, replace


    • Works best to run against the …
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  3. Update a SQL table's XML value to remove nodes

    CodeMinder: to remind myself of stuff that I usually have to look up each time I do it.

    To delete all PersonAlternativeName nodes from XmlColumn of the People table:

    with xmlnamespaces(
        'http://mydomain.com/person/extension/0.1' as px)
    update People
        set XmlColumn.modify('delete //px:PersonAlternateName')
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