CodeRush FTW: Reorder Attributes

Check out this code block within an ASP.NET forms application:


It's quite wide, and the repetitive attributes that I mostly don't care about are left-most. It'd be nice to move the "runat" and "EmbedInDiv" attributes to the end of these tags. Having "LabelText" first seems nice, right?

CodeRush has a "Reorder Attributes" refactoring, that looks like this:


And you can put it where you want using left and right arrows, like so:


It's got a cute little animation and all, but I'm thinking, "Like I want to do that for each line!"  But then CodeRush surprised me in a good way:


See that "Target: 6 of 8"?  CodeRush says to itself, "It looks like Jason prefers his attributes in this new order. Let's see if he wants to make this same change to all similar elements."  Nice!!!!!

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