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Sending Email with the Gmail API in .NET / C#

I’ve a .NET web application with several Google API integrations and wanted to send Gmail as well. It took me all day, and I found precious little (useful) documentation, so it seemed worth a blog post. At the start of … Continue reading

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Securely accessing RavenDB / RavenHQ over HTTP

I want to use a RavenDB database hosted in the cloud by RavenHQ from a NodeJS app. I didn’t find a JavaScript client or NPM package that looked very mature, so I looked into straight HTTP API access. This took … Continue reading

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Posting an AJAX JSON request with jQuery

After trying to Google this for the fifth time, and writing it from scratch for the seventh time, I’m sticking this snippet here. In AJAX apps, it’s always made sense to me to do JSON both ways, even though the … Continue reading

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From .NET, Calling REST and getting "dynamic" results

It seems like every time I want to call a RESTful service from my .NET app I have to re-lookup the documentation for either Hammock or RestSharp. Mainly for my own future reference, here’s the code using Hammock to get … Continue reading

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Call a web service with PowerShell

I recently used a PowerShell script like the following to troubleshoot the details of a third-party web service our code was using. I thought the script was something worth noting here for future reference. $url = “https://path/to/Service.asmx” $parameters = ‘<?xml … Continue reading

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