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Something anyone trying out NodeJS should know up front

TL;DR – scroll down till you see the heading you’re looking for. I really love JavaScript as a language, and there were lots of things about NodeJS that appealed to me. So when I had the opportunity to use NodeJS on … Continue reading

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Securely accessing RavenDB / RavenHQ over HTTP

I want to use a RavenDB database hosted in the cloud by RavenHQ from a NodeJS app. I didn’t find a JavaScript client or NPM package that looked very mature, so I looked into straight HTTP API access. This took … Continue reading

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Posting an AJAX JSON request with jQuery

After trying to Google this for the fifth time, and writing it from scratch for the seventh time, I’m sticking this snippet here. In AJAX apps, it’s always made sense to me to do JSON both ways, even though the … Continue reading

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Global JavaScript Events with jQuery

When building web applications with sophisticated client-side behavior (i.e., you have a lot of JavaScript) I work hard to define loosely-coupled JavaScript modules. Intentional developers strive for structured and modular server-side code, but because of JavaScript’s history we tend not … Continue reading

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JavaScript: this and that.

This is a brief description of a technique recommend by Douglas Crockford, probably in Act III of his JavaScript video series. Code that looks right, but is wrong: There are a few workarounds; the one Douglas Crockford recommends is to … Continue reading

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