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The Speed of Trust: Integrity

A quick check of where we’re at in this large book. The main structure starts inward-most and works out: Self trust (credibility). Integrity. ← You are here. Intent. Capabilities. Results. Relationship trust. Organizational trust. Market trust. Societal trust. Integrity vs. … Continue reading

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Global JavaScript Events with jQuery

When building web applications with sophisticated client-side behavior (i.e., you have a lot of JavaScript) I work hard to define loosely-coupled JavaScript modules. Intentional developers strive for structured and modular server-side code, but because of JavaScript’s history we tend not … Continue reading

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SQL Snapshot Notes

Sometimes when testing you need to repetitively restore a database back to a certain point in time. For very large databases the regular SQL restore can take quite a while. It seemed to me that using snapshots instead of regular … Continue reading

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VB.NET Logical Operators

Quick chart to clarify which VB.NET operators one should use always.* Never Use Instead, Always Use: IIf(x, y, z) If(x, y, z) And AndAlso Or OrElse   * Always means “pretty much always.” There may be some very rare, strange … Continue reading

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The Speed of Trust: Individual Credibility

The Speed of Trust appears from here to be broken down into Five Waves of trust; these waves move from the inner-most out. That is, it begins with changing yourself, then working out to the people you interact most often … Continue reading

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