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More Semantics

Focusing on semantics instead of the technical has application beyond CSS. Amazingly, a few hours after posting my last bit on Semantic HTML, a coworker noted the following in a code review: Small lie: .indent16px{ margin-left: 15px; } I don’t … Continue reading

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Semantic HTML

There’s a lot of literature about “semantic HTML” on the web (here’s one person who writes about it a lot). The best short advice I know of to get jump-started on this topic is from a page on W3C.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift: from Request/Response to Publish/Subscribe

Since attending Udi’s ADSD class about a year and a half ago, the publish/subscribe pattern in general has been fascinating for me to consider at many levels.  In some ways it’s a fundamental shift in the way we program. When … Continue reading

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How to Teach Data Types

I received this email from Terry Palmer, an instructor of CIS at Mayville State University.  As a software development professional, the preparation of new graduates in this field for real world work provided by mainstream universities has often been very … Continue reading

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CodeRush FTW: Reorder Attributes

Check out this code block within an ASP.NET forms application: It’s quite wide, and the repetitive attributes that I mostly don’t care about are left-most.  It’d be nice to move the “runat” and “EmbedInDiv” attributes to the end of these … Continue reading

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Looking back at life

My boss at Nexus Innovations, Bob Pope, passed along this material written by Adam Doynes of Branson, Missouri. He did personal research with men that he highly respected about looking back on life. It is an impressive list. The question … Continue reading

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Update a SQL table’s XML value to insert a node

Sometimes a snippet of example code is all that’s needed: update MyTable set XmlColumn.modify(‘ insert <Description>This is a description</Description> as last into (/xpath/to/parent)[1] ‘) where SomeValue = ‘whatever’

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