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Book: Notes to a Software Team Leader

I heard about this new book, Notes to a Software Team Leader, on a podcast on my way to work this morning. Below is the “Manifesto” of the book; upon reading it I feel the book has potential to have … Continue reading

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From .NET, Calling REST and getting "dynamic" results

It seems like every time I want to call a RESTful service from my .NET app I have to re-lookup the documentation for either Hammock or RestSharp. Mainly for my own future reference, here’s the code using Hammock to get … Continue reading

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Parsing command-line arguments can be deceptively tricky. Often it starts as something very simple to do manually, but as more arguments and formats and flexibility are desired, the effort required to do it well can explode. So there are several … Continue reading

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Write MSMQ Messages from PowerShell

This PowerShell script sends a message to an MSMQ. I did it this particular way because NServiceBus can consume messages sent like this. [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Messaging"); $queueName = '.\Private$\'; $queue = new-object System.Messaging.MessageQueue $queueName; $utf8 = new-object System.Text.UTF8Encoding; $tran = new-object System.Messaging.MessageQueueTransaction; … Continue reading

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Read MSMQ Messages from PowerShell

This script dumps the contents of an MSMQ to the console. This one dumps the Journal contents of a private queue; of course you’ll have to adjust that line for your queue. [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(<span class="str">"System.Messaging"</span>) $queueName = <span class="str">'.\Private$\\Journal$'</span>; $queue = … Continue reading

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JavaScript: this and that.

This is a brief description of a technique recommend by Douglas Crockford, probably in Act III of his JavaScript video series. Code that looks right, but is wrong: There are a few workarounds; the one Douglas Crockford recommends is to … Continue reading

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Don’t use BR for vertical spacing

Use CSS instead. When <br> is used for vertical spacing it drives me crazy. Among my coworkers it is widely known that I don’t approve of <br> abuse. One recently wrote in a source control commit comment, “Removed some nasty … Continue reading

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More Semantics

Focusing on semantics instead of the technical has application beyond CSS. Amazingly, a few hours after posting my last bit on Semantic HTML, a coworker noted the following in a code review: Small lie: .indent16px{ margin-left: 15px; } I don’t … Continue reading

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Semantic HTML

There’s a lot of literature about “semantic HTML” on the web (here’s one person who writes about it a lot). The best short advice I know of to get jump-started on this topic is from a page on W3C.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift: from Request/Response to Publish/Subscribe

Since attending Udi’s ADSD class about a year and a half ago, the publish/subscribe pattern in general has been fascinating for me to consider at many levels.  In some ways it’s a fundamental shift in the way we program. When … Continue reading

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