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Nomic Candyland

Recently I heard of an interesting game called Nomic. You don’t need any equipment — just some creative and indulgent friends. Today I got together with my creative brother-in-law and my creative oldest son to play Nomic Candyland. You start … Continue reading

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I am in the woods and I have gone crazy.

After reading books from The David Birkenhead series I was looking for some similar sci fi and decided on some Heinlein books. The only one on the shelve at the library was Variable Star. The main character is very smart. … Continue reading

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Lessons From Some Indie Sci-Fi

A technical blog I follow recently posted a side-note about some indie sci-fi books he was enjoying. I started reading the David Birkenhead series and I found it so exciting that I finished the series as far is available so … Continue reading

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Book: The Goal

I’ve never before had a business book that kept me turning pages like The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement. Someone on one of the blogs I read suggested this so I requested it from the local library. When the … Continue reading

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Posting an AJAX JSON request with jQuery

After trying to Google this for the fifth time, and writing it from scratch for the seventh time, I’m sticking this snippet here. In AJAX apps, it’s always made sense to me to do JSON both ways, even though the … Continue reading

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Script to turn on "Treat Warnings as Errors"

This PowerShell script recursively finds all .csproj files in a directory and sets “Treat warnings as errors” to “All” for every one of them that doesn’t already have it set. I definitely prefer this compilation option, but on larger systems … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Selective Validation Hack

Scenario: using classic ASP.NET Web Forms, we have a data entry page. On the bottom of the page are two buttons: “Save Draft” and “Submit.” When a user Saves a Draft, we want to do some validation, but not all. … Continue reading

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The Speed of Trust: Integrity

A quick check of where we’re at in this large book. The main structure starts inward-most and works out: Self trust (credibility). Integrity. ← You are here. Intent. Capabilities. Results. Relationship trust. Organizational trust. Market trust. Societal trust. Integrity vs. … Continue reading

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Global JavaScript Events with jQuery

When building web applications with sophisticated client-side behavior (i.e., you have a lot of JavaScript) I work hard to define loosely-coupled JavaScript modules. Intentional developers strive for structured and modular server-side code, but because of JavaScript’s history we tend not … Continue reading

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SQL Snapshot Notes

Sometimes when testing you need to repetitively restore a database back to a certain point in time. For very large databases the regular SQL restore can take quite a while. It seemed to me that using snapshots instead of regular … Continue reading

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